• Building of Standard blow molding machines up to dual 20 or single 40
  • Special Blow molding machines for unique applications such as large clamps for kayaks
  • Buying and selling used blow molding machines as is, where is
  • Buying used blow molding machines and refurbishing or remanufacturing those machines
  • Contract remanufacturing of others machines
  • Rebuilding Blow Molding Heads

Jackson Machinery provides complete computer aided design service to custom tailor each system specifically to the customers’ requirements. When designing systems we take on the role of a consultant for our customers. We understand the process, we select or design the equipment, and consider the economics. All systems can be fully tested in our facility for customer approval before shipment .

Our parts department Jackson Machinery provides a wide range of machinery and technical services to the plastics industry. Our very capable staff provides tooling design, technical assistance, control retro-fits, machine repair, and a wide range of hard to find parts .

Working on a control panel? JMI is your source of parts for your used blow molding machinery. We carry many parts in stock and have short lead times on many other non-stock items. We also offer a repair exchange program for selected key elements of your machinery. JMI stocks many used refurbished components including complete extrusion head and clamp assemblies, as well as rebuilding kits for repair on site. JMI repair parts and assemblies allow you the opportunity to repair and improve the performance of your machine with a minimum of down time.


  • ANSI Safety Upgrades
  • Control Retrofits
  • Parison Programmers
  • Field Service and Consulting


Because of our blow molding experiences many clients bring their ideas to us to help them decide what kind of machine, what sort of material and what type of design would be most appropriate to manufacture their product.  Who better to help the clients than a company that has such diverse experience in blow molding technology?  Our consulting and appraisal services include but are not limited to:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Plant design and layout
  • Consulting on plant operations
  • Consulting on and designing customer products
  • Machinery appraisals
  • Sourcing and tooling both mold and head tooling.

We stand ready to assist in the development of any product, either as a consultant or as a seller of machines.  There is some 200 years of blow molding and process development within the JMI team.


JMI provides hands on training with machine-side demonstrations, small class size and personal attention. This provides an excellent learning opportunity for:

  • Mold Designers & Builders
  • Purchasers
  • Maintenance Personnel
  • Plant Managers
  • Set-Up Personnel

Please also refer to the section on the BMI Training Workshops for details.

View of part of the Jackson Machinery Inc. Shop Floor